The New War on (Overpriced) Drugs

Recently, a freelance journalist for Wired magazine contacted Connecture to leverage our data for a story he was researching and writing. Here is the published article which stresses the need for prescription drug transparency both on comparative costs and effectiveness.

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Brokers Build Trust with Data Transparency

Connecture Senior VP (Broker/Aggregator Business) Joe Donlan talks with Employee Benefits Advisor (EBA) about the presentation he and Connecture client, Doug Maher of EIIA, will be giving next month at EBA’s Workplace Benefits Renaissance Conference in New Orleans.

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Provider-Sponsored Health Plans: Keys to Success

Peter Urbain, Senior VP (Provider Segment), gives his insights on building a Provider Sponsored Health Plan (PSHP). Peter outlines critical steps and how to leverage technology for a successful PSHP implementation.​

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