Medicare drug plan finder can steer seniors to higher costs

As open enrollment goes into the home stretch Thanksgiving week, critics say the new plan finder tool can create confusion by obscuring out-of-pocket costs that seniors should factor into their decisions…

“If they pick the plan based solely on the premium they are likely getting a plan that could cost them thousands more in a calendar year,” said Christina Reeg of the Ohio Department of Insurance. She heads a program that helps Medicare enrollees try to find the right plan.

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Medicare Advantage 2020 Spotlight: First Look

Total Number of Plans. In total, 3,148 Medicare Advantage plans will be available nationwide for individual enrollment in 2020 – a 15 percent increase (414 more plans) from 2019 and the largest number of plans ever available

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An Unlikely Treatment for a Rare Disease

Journalist Sarah Jane Tribble wrote a fascinating piece for the Washington Post that uses Connecture drug data and spotlights the Orphan Drug Korlym. This drug has a controversial origin as “the abortion pill,” but is also used to treat Cushing’s syndrome…and its price has shot up.

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