Enriching your Customer Experiences

Accelerate your digital transformation. Achieve maximum workflow flexibility and web site differentiation with our time-tested and proven ConnectureDRX APIs.


Many large health plans, PBMs, FMOs and other organizations use ConnectureDRX APIs to offer a robust customer experience for Medicare shopping, quoting and enrollment, and for drug comparison technology in both the Medicare and individual/group (U65) markets.


90% of payers believe APIs are essential to their business strategy. 

Our API customers are diverse and varied.

ConnectureDRX APIs do everything we do on our hosted sites and more. Our data powers every kind of experience from entering a zip code to completing an enrollment.

Highlights of ConnectureDRX APIs:

  • Plan data from multiple carriers
  • Supports plan types: MA, MADP, PDP, MedSupp, Ancillary
  • Monthly out-of-pocket cost estimates as beneficiaries move through different benefit cost phases


  • Dosage-specific pricing
  • Extensive database of therapeutic drug alternatives
  • Ease-of-Use keeps members on your familiar platforms
  • 15+ years API and drug pricing experience – proven and time-tested in the healthcare technology space

Deliver a Personalized Member Experience

Now it’s easier than ever to make your shopping and enrollment platform, drug comparison tool and member experience whole. Choose ConnectureDRX APIs.

Our competitors lack in key areas where we excel. Competitive platforms do not offer the same level of detail and accuracy in their drug pricing/pharmacies, and other data, as ConnectureDRX.