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Best Fit Medicare plans|Market leader in Medicare shopping, quoting and enrollment|Stars improvement strategies|Extensive network distribution|Gold standard drug pricing|Medicare Advantage software|Member engagement and retention|Medicare Supplement technology

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More than Medicare shopping and enrollment.

ConnectureDRX is a software company, offering SaaS and API solutions to health plans, large multicarrier organizations, financial services companies, small to-midsized insurance agencies, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and others.

We pair beneficiaries with their best fit Medicare plans with proven software for every plan type (MA, MAPD, PDP and MedSupp). In addition, our experience and expertise with therapeutic interchange, drug comparison technology/drug pricing transparency and analytics allows our customers to improve their member experiences by connecting consumers to lower-cost drug options proven to increase medication adherence and elevate Star ratings.

We have the largest distribution network in the Medicare industry, one that offers an easy way to connect health plan products to insurance agents and agents to the products they sell.

Our proven retention strategies allow our customers to create personalized messaging that leads to brand loyalty, as members undergo potential changes in their insurance coverage.

We pride ourselves on being the “gold standard” in the industry for drug pricing (with 20 plus years of experience). We leverage plan data directly from carriers, update pricing every two weeks and always source prices at the pharmacy level.

Our PlanCompare ONE SaaS and API solutions for Digital Medicare shopping, quoting, enrollment and retention are configurable and fully integrated across multiple channels. PlanCompare ONE is an exceptional Medicare quoting tool that drives business growth, improves  satisfaction and retention and builds brand loyalty. PlanCompare ONE is the only insurance agency technology you’ll need.

Choose ConnectureDRX.


Personalization Matters

Beneficiaries find their best fit plan through a highly personalized shopping and enrollment experience via PlanCompare ONE.

Brokers and agents increase enrollments through a 100% digital experience.


Gold Standard Drug Pricing Matters

15 years experience gathering drug and health plan data ensures the most accurate pricing in the industry.

Drug pricing and health plan data are sourced directly from carriers.

Pharmacy-specific costs are negotiated at the pharmacy level.


Broker Tools Matter

Book of Business tracks enrollments, quick quotes increase conversions and medicine cabinet saves drug lists.

Our Broker Adoption & Training Program helps brokers and agents get started with ConnectureDRX technology in no time and provides guidance for optimal system use.


Compliance and Secure Online Enrollment Matters

Navigate the complexities of compliance with highly configurable solutions designed to meet requirements.

Easily convert beneficiaries to their best fit plans with secure online enrollment.

Feel secure! ConnectureDRX has never lost a Medicare enrollment in more than 15 years!

We’ve worked with some amazing people over the years!

Medicare consumers deserve Best Fit Plan visibility and no cost surprises…

Are you ready for AEP 2022?

AEP 2022 will be here before we know it, ready or not.

If you’re not yet ready, there’s still time to get the right Medicare enrollment platform that is 100% ready for telework, provides the most accurate drug pricing and out-of-pocket estimates and ensures beneficiaries are paired with their best fit Medicare plans every time. You’ll want the ONE technology with all the tools you and your agents need to digitally connect with customers, build relationships and manage your business at your fingertips.

PlanCompare ONE Digital Medicare, shopping, quoting and enrollment platform is your best option for AEP 2022. ONE Platform for any device–laptop, phone and tablet. ONE Omni-channel for Professionals, Call Centers and Consumers alike.

Make sure you have the right alternative to, the best option for working from home and the industry leader for Medicare shopping, quoting and enrollment. Make sure your beneficiaries find their best fit plans with no cost surprises when they go to fill a prescription. We have more than 20 years experience in the Medicare industry and our technology is time-tested and proven.

Proven and Trusted Technology

ConnectureDRX offers the most widely adopted Medicare shopping, quoting, enrollment and retention solution, providing millions of consumers every year with a simple digital experience for finding their best fit plans. With gold standard drug pricing, ConnectureDRX arms all stakeholders with reliable and time-tested out-of-pocket cost estimates to support better decision-making. ConnectureDRX’s multi-channel automation saves consumers, carriers, brokers and call centers time navigating Medicare complexities, improving member satisfaction and retention.

Our experience and expertise with therapeutic interchange, drug comparison technology and analytics allows health plans, PBMs and others to improve the customer experience by proactively connecting members to lower-cost drug options proven to increase medication adherence and elevate Star Ratings.

ConnectureDRX has been delivering compliant solutions for 20 years. Supporting 9 of the 10 top U.S. health insurance carriers, 55 national and regional FMOs and more than 5,600 plans on our platform. ConnectureDRX processed nearly 1 million Medicare enrollment applications in the past year. Our regular consumer market surveys from nearly 20,000 respondents affords unique insights on consumer shopping and enrollment behavior, driving innovation in research and development.

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