2022 Survey Results

Medicare Consumers are Talking.

We are Listening.

Over the past 11 years, ConnectureDRX has surveyed nearly 22,000 healthcare and Medicare consumers to gain insights into plan shopping and enrollment behaviors. These insights are critical for our FMO, agency, health plan and ebroker customers to better understand buying behavior trends. These surveys also help ConnectureDRX drive product innovation and thought leadership in our solutions and services.

The senior in 2022-23

Seniors are everywhere. Older Americans are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country.

Seniors are influencers on social media. Grandma is a Tik Toc and Instagram star.

71% of successful videos that come from these senior influencers are about defying age or mocking ageism. Seniors are breaking senior stereotypes and the grandkids are managing their grandparents social media accounts.

86% of boomers did holiday shopping online in 2022. Streaming is on the rise, and self-shopping is disrupting selling. AI has entered the chat and there is a surge of online enrollment.

We need to know how seniors  act in all areas of their lives.

It all ties in with HEALTH.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment has Exploded.

MA enrollment has significantly increased (by 337%) over the past 15 from 2006 to 2022.

Traditional Medicare enrollment has declined by 2.9%.

Out of the 65 million eligible for Medicare, nearly 30 million are enrolled in MA. With nearly a 50% market penetration, MA delivers better services, value and access to care.


Voice of the Medicare Consumer Survey Results 2022

Survey respondents in 2022 said:


Original Medicare


Medicare Advantage


Part D


Medicare Supplement


58% of eligible seniors purchased a new Medicare plan in 2022.
(42% did not purchase a new plan).

How do seniors compare plans:

  • I visited the Medicare.gov site 31% 31%
  • I called an insurance broker directly 26% 26%
  • I visited an insurance company or other online site 21% 21%
  • I did not compare plans and insurance company options 20% 20%
  • I called the 800-number for a specific insurance company 10% 10%
  • I called the company that handles my employer-sponsored plan options 6% 6%

Agents are a critical resource for plan shopping & enrollment for seniors: 

  • Call a broker/agent they TRUST for advice regarding plan options 30% 30%
  • Said they shop/enroll ONLINE with LITTLE assistance 29% 29%
  • Said they call an insurance company/health plan they TRUST, DIRECTLY 13% 13%
  • Rely on friends and family for advice on which plans to purchase 9% 9%

OLDER Seniors (67+) also use agents more (32%) than younger seniors when looking for trusted advice. Older seniors are also significantly more likely to identify “out-of-pocket costs”(50%) as key to making a plan the BEST FIT for their needs. 

Low monthly premiums is the most important factor for seniors when plan shopping: 


Low monthly premium or $0 premium


I can keep my current doctor(s)


My specific prescriptions are covered


Insurance company is a trusted brand


Lower total out of-pocket estimate for the year

Agents support enrollment for 40% of seniors.

Here’s how seniors engage with agents: 

  • Talk on the phone 53% 53%
  • Email 20% 20%
  • Met in person 14% 14%
  • Text message 7% 7%
  • Online chat 5% 5%

62% of seniors found their BEST FIT plan in 2022. 

7 in 10 respondents were satisfied with their shopping experience. Older seniors tend to give higher ratings. 

Most who stayed with their health care BRAND do so because of brand TRUST. 

43% switched to a different brand in 2022.
The main reasons were their AGENT GUIDED them to a better fit plan and they wanted more SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFITS.