Medicare Consumers are Talking.

We are Listening.

Over the past 10 years, ConnectureDRX has surveyed more than 20,000 healthcare and Medicare consumers to gain insights into shopping and enrollment behaviors. These insights are critical for our FMO, agency, health plan, and ebroker customers to better understand buying behavior trends. These surveys also help ConnectureDRX drive product innovation and thought leadership in our solutions and services.

The Medicare Landscape: Member Experience Matters


By 2060, 95 million seniors will be eligible for Medicare (US Census Bureau), a nearly 70% increase over those eligible for Medicare today. Americans are living longer with multiple chronic conditions, so getting them into their best fit plan from the start is important.

However, according to a 2021 Kaiser study, 71% of all Medicare beneficiaries did NOT shop for Medicare plans during AEP. And, this lack of shopping and comparing plans is negatively impacting coverage and costs. This rate jumps to 85% for those with lower income and less education. So, how is it that so many are not taking the time to review their coverage when it is so important to their own pockets? This study sheds light on the shopping and buying behaviors of the Medicare consumer.


The Senior in 2022 vs 2021

Seniors are technologically adept and feel comfortable online. But they are shopping less and also relying on brokers less than they did during the pandemic. 

The Senior in 2022

  • Virtual connection is still important, even with in-person back
  • Not shopping for plans during AEP
  • Many are staying with their same insurance carrier brand as previous year
  • Facing higher premiums and deductibles
  • Higher healthcare and other costs overall
  • Telehealth is here to stay

The Senior in 2021

  • Vaccine brings hope of getting out
  • Anxious to connect with families in person
  • Virtual connection not going away
  • May not be as fearful to change plans, as did not make any changes in 2020
  • Supplemental benefits are very important – seniors want options
  • Want to know prices before they buy – transparency is king!

Voice of the Consumer Survey 2021 Results

Use the insights gathered here on Medicare consumer shopping behaviors to help improve your member experience.