ConnectureDRX started as DestinationRX in 2000, as the premium drug comparison technology company. Our pricing, data, platforms and APIs have stood the test of time. We are pleased to share some of our DRX legacy here, with our DrugCompare solution still going strong across U65 and Medicare markets for all healthcare audiences. DestinationRX (DRX) is a critical component of our brand solutions to this day.

Appropriate Alternatives to High-Cost Drugs

High-priced drugs are a problem for our healthcare system and the individuals dependent on those medications–a burden impacting consumers, employers, providers and health plans alike.

As pharmaceutical costs continue to rise, greater transparency into drug prices is critical to finding more affordable alternatives to medications, including ways to help people adhere to treatment plans as prescribed by their physicians.

DestinationRX’s (DRX) DrugCompare empowers Health Plans, Employers, Pharmacies, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Consumers to:

  • Perform drug cost comparison analysis online for prescription and OTC products, by dosage and geographical location
  • Educate on therapeutic drug alternatives
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Increase retention as members save on medicines

We offer health plans and PBMs the ability to administer prescription drug benefits for employer-sponsored health insurance plans (U65 commercial), Medicare beneficiaries and unfunded audiences.

DestinationRX (DRX) Online and Phone Support Services

DRX DrugCompare allows for consumer-directed pharmacy benefit applications for software services providers.

DRX DrugCompare provides transparency into each prescribed medicine, offering critical decision support tools via online and phone.

DRX DrugCompare offers online services including prescription drug, OTC, medical, plan benefit and healthcare information to diverse audiences, including health plan insurers, FMOs and consumers, among others.

DestinationRX (DRX) DrugCompare Empowers You to:

Educate on Therapeutic Alternatives

Give your members options. DestinationRX (DRX) DrugCompare can provide your members with less expensive brand, generic and even over-the-counter alternatives. Sometimes a drug isn’t on formulary, but another one in the same class is. DestinationRX (DRX) DrugCompare can save people money on almost all drugs, no matter the cost.

Improve Adherence to Medicines with DestinationRX

Members follow treatment plans when they are able to afford their medications. When members take medicines as prescribed, overall medical costs go down.

Provide consumer-directed pharmacy benefit applications

With DestinationRX (DRX) DrugCompare, provide decision support services online and via phone necessary to help consumers maintain more control over how they spend their money.

Integrate Our Data with your Own Applications

Integrate DestinationRX (DRX) DrugCompare APIs into your platforms. Use our information to streamline your user experience and messaging to members.

Increase Retention as Members Save on Medicines with DestinationRX

Transparency tools help members afford their prescription medicines. Self-service tools encourage members to stay on your site longer, affording you the opportunity to showcase your other services and offerings.


58% Average Savings per Alternative with DestinationRX


50 Million Searches Every Year


43,000 Medications in Therapeutic Alternatives Database


14,000 Clinically- Reviewed Therapeutic Alternatives


More than 180,000 Drug Plans


Over $100 Million in Potential Savings Reported Yearly