For Small to Mid-sized Agencies and
Coming Soon for Independent Agents

PlanCompare Edge Video

The view never looked so good for small to mid-sized agencies and independent agents seeking to transform digitally.

PlanCompare Edge is ONE-stop plan comparison, quoting and enrollment for small agencies and agents in need of the same digital capabilities of larger agencies.

Giving AGENTS a Competitive Edge

This AEP and beyond, agencies will be able to transform digitally with one place to quote and enroll (on any device), all while maintaining their existing relationships with larger organizations.

Elevate the professionalism of every agent. Increase TRUST in your agency and retain customers for life.

PlanCompare Edge

Offering the same exceptional experience as PlanCompare ONE, ConnectureDRX’s intuitive digital platform that pairs beneficiaries with their best fit Medicare plans every time.

As a ConnectureDRX Customer, use PlanCompare Edge to:


Create a member profile and easily follow customers wherever they may go and retain them for life.


Reduce call handling times and send a Scope of Appointment and complete an enrollment all in one call.


Benefit from easy-to-use and intuitive digital technology.


The most accurate drug pricing in the industry will deliver the most reliable total out-of-pocket estimates every time.

Partner Integrations:

AgencyBloc offers industry-specific CRM, commissions processing and business and sales automation (regardless of your upline agencies)

MedicarePRO CRM is a Medicare centric agency management solution that provides CRM and commission capabilities.

RetireFlo provides a HIPPA compliant solution for Medicare agents to efficiently collect drugs, doctors and pharmacies from the beneficiary.

For more information on PlanCompare Edge for Independent Agents, reach out to