Become the ONE Source for Low-cost Medicines and Therapeutic Alternatives

Pharmacy Benefit Managers seek drug cost savings can contribute to lowering overall medical expenditures by helping consumers adhere to their prescribed treatment regimens.

Consumers who save money on their medicines look favorably upon those who save them money. As a PBM, you will benefit from an enhanced member experience, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

PBMs are looking to DatabaseRX Therapeutic Interchange to improve patient and member outcomes and is currently used by some of the largest health plans and PBMs nationwide. No other dataset more accurately reflects the drug research occurring today.

Get Consumers on Mail Order Sooner

With ConnectureDRX’s DrugCompare solution, pharmacy benefit managers can guide consumers to generic options (which may not be less costly than brand names), and can now ALSO direct consumers to therapeutic alternatives offering additional options to prescriptions that could save money.

DrugCompare is a highly effective supplement to current medication therapy management and not a replacement.

Advantages for PBMs Include:


Database with consumer access to comparing costs of brand and generic medicines, including an extensive source of therapeutic alternatives 


ConnectureDRX maintains current and relevant data. (No need to hire a team to manage and provide ongoing clinical and prescriber reviews, which could cost millions to build, along with extensive development time).


All data is in a usable format, so no IT staff is needed to write code


Professional staff and tight processes in place for managing therapeutic alternatives database (updating, making decisions for what to include, adding enhancement/drug classes and more)

Members will sign up for mail order sooner than later when pharmacy benefit managers become the source for lower cost medicines AND therapeutic alternatives.