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ConnectureDRX technology enhancements on PlanCompare ONE for plan shopping, quoting, enrollment and retention redefine the way call centers and inside sales teams manage Medicare enrollments.



In just a SINGLE CALL, call center representatives can tailor communication to the preferences of every beneficiary, with:

– dynamic scripting
– progress tracking
– relevant member information

   ….at their fingertips

Get the most current Rx data on every member with ConnectureDRX DATA PRELOAD for Call Centers

“ConnectureDRX preloading of medicine cabinet and demographic information has cut our agent call handling time from 20 minutes to about 7-8 minutes per caller. Each call center agent can now support 7 members an hour versus 3 (without data preloading).”

Large regional health plan, ConnectureDRX customer

In-person meetings are not always possible for some seniors.

Seniors are at home, and they want to connect. They need a live person to talk to who can answer their insurance questions, alleviate any anxiety and help them enroll in their best-fit Medicare plans confidently and securely.

Phones are ringing and call center agents are more in demand than ever before.

To complete a Medicare enrollment in one call, call center agents need everything at their fingertips in one place. With ConnectureDRX technology, agents can easily answer questions and take enrollments on the spot.

When seniors need to speak to a live person, ConnectureDRX comprehensive call center technology helps agents:

1. Guide beneficiaries in comparing Medicare plans personalized to them

2. Expedite every call with custom scripting on monitors

3. Enroll beneficiaries in their best fit plan (with no cost surprises) in one call (total out-of-pocket costs are calculated within seconds)

4. Move effortlessly on to the next call and another successful enrollment

Pre-populated demographics makes finding beneficiaries a breeze

Agents can easily search for beneficiaries with pre-loaded demographic information. A custom script on same page allows agents to communicate effectively with seniors, guiding them to view personalized plans and select their best fit plan in one call. Seniors benefit by knowing their best fit plan includes drug costs and all out-of-pocket estimates.