Retain Your Members. Protect Your Brand.

Keep your membership intact and keep your brokers happy.

Target at-risk members who may be browsing other Medicare plans and stay ahead of potential plan switching.

Keep new retirees transitioning from commercial insurance loyal to your brand.

Keep your brokers happy when you show them how to retain beneficiaries year-over-year with an optimal shopping experience.

Medicare Retention Suite offers your members a seamless shopping experience with ALL COST estimates and PERSONALIZED messaging included.

Member data is pre-loaded onto your platform, providing:

  • Three (3) plan options of your choice
  • Lower-cost alternatives to current plans
  • New plan alternatives, when you discontinue a plan
  • Shorter call center handling times as members do not answer pre-qualification questions
  • Customized messages to help build and maintain strong connections to every member

Address Every Member Uniquely

Keep your brokers happy when you show them how to retain beneficiaries year-over-year with an optimal shopping experience. Include pre-loaded beneficiary and agent information, along with plan options, and significantly expedite your enrollment process.

Protect and Retain your Members with One Strategy or All.

Retiree Transition

Seamlessly transition members from commercial plans to the right Medicare plan. Provide familiarity and consistency with flexible branding options.

  • Keep members loyal to your brand
  • Reduce the likelihood of switching
  • Ease the enrollment process for retirees

Customize your message to group insurance holders transitioning to Medicare.

Hi James,

We want to make your transition from your employer plan to your new Medicare plan as seamless as possible. Below are the best fit plans based on what we know about you. We are here to help every step of the way!

Switch Prevention

Get on top of plan switching before it happens.

Customize your message to members and show them they are valued…

Hi Ted,

As a valued member we want to provide you with the best shopping experience for the upcoming year. Below you will find your current plan details, as well as other plans that may be a good fit for you.

Age-in Members

As members age, your health plan is with them every step of the way to simplify their Medicare journey.

Customize your greeting to Medicare age-ins…

Hi Susan,

As you age into Medicare, we will be with you every step of the way.  As a loyal member we know your benefit preferences and found the best fit Medicare offerings for you. We’re here to provide you confidence in your new Medicare journey!

Plan Changes & Plan Terminations

Prevent surprises when you proactively reach out to members and alert them about formulary changes or plans that will no longer be available. This gives you the opportunity to showcase new plan offerings or plan alternatives.

Customize your greeting when there are plan changes.

Hi Amy,

We will no longer be offering your current plan for the upcoming year. However, we have selected best fit replacement plans based on what we know about you! Take a look below to enroll in your replacement plan. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Reinforce your Brand with a Strong Digital Presence 

Member Retention Suite Highlights include:

Member Communications

Send instructions (via email or direct mail) for how to shop for coverage and include PIN access to verify identity.

Shopping Link (Personalized URL)

Customize shopping, enrollment and member communications with your own unique Shopping Link and boost your marketing efforts. Send anytime throughout the year.

Custom Landing Page

Greet members personally and allow them to review current plan, next year’s plan, lowest cost plan options and more.