A Simple Digital Experience

Connecture offers the most widely adopted Medicare shopping and enrollment solution, providing millions of consumers every year with a simple digital experience for finding their best fit plans. With unique drug-pricing capabilities, Connecture arms consumers with reliable and time-tested out-of-pocket cost estimates to support better decision-making. Connecture’s multi-channel automation saves consumers, carriers, brokers and call centers time navigating Medicare complexities, improving member satisfaction and retention.

Connecture has been delivering compliant solutions for 20 years. Supporting 9 of the 10 top U.S. health insurance carriers, more than 30 national and regional FMOs, and with nearly 4,300 plans on our platform, Connecture processed 715,000 plus Medicare enrollments in the past year. Our regular consumer market surveys from more than 10,000 respondents affords unique insights on consumer shopping and enrollment behavior, driving innovation in research and development.

“Connecture’s platform for Medicare shopping and enrollment has evolved from two decades of nurturing trusted relationships with carriers and brokers and providing them with proven technology, unparalleled distribution and the gold standard in drug pricing. Our goal is to help every Medicare consumer find their best fit plan through a positive and uniquely personal experience.”

Grant Hoffman

Connecture CEO