AHIP SmartBrief

Grant Hoffman, EVP of ConnectureDRX, talks to AHIP Smartbrief about current trends in Medicare, drug pricing transparency and the explosive impact technology solutions are having on Star Ratings. Don’t miss this insightful Q&A.

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Reach for the Stars…

Improve Health Plan Star Ratings with the Right RX Data

Improving Medicare Star Ratings and maintaining high ratings can be very difficult for health plans. And, this year CMS made improving the customer experience a performance imperative for health plans with a notable and increasing emphasis on medication adherence, member engagement, and member retention.

Finding the right holistic approach to improving health plan performance and the quality of care delivered to benefi­ciaries requires a concentrated effort, including using the right tools. In this whitepaper, we will demonstrate how ConnectureDRX’s DatabaseRX can improve Star Ratings by helping to increase one of the most critical performance criteria—medication adherence.

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Today's Modern Senior & Medicare

Capture, Convert and Protect

Today’s modern senior is comfortable with technology. They are independent and want choices but find health plan options overwhelming. Because they are confused by our complex government-run Medicare system, they seek a guided approach in choosing the right plan. They have experience with health insurance, having used group or individual insurance in the past, and want to recreate the same medical experience in Medicare. Learn more in this comprehensive whitepaper.

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Voice of the Customer Case Studies

A Perfectly Timed Retention Strategy in an Imperfect World

Seniority Benefit Group purchased ConnectureDRX’s Medicare Retention Suite as a sales and retention tool and immediately increased enrollments as advisors focused on renewing plans electronically without the need to hire additional staff to manage paper enrollments. Read their fascinating story of customer retention and new business success, and learn how they and their customers easily adapted to telework in the face of a pandemic.

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Increasing Digital Enrollments Through Innovative Agent Adoption Strategies and Training

 Learn how old ways of thinking, the PlanFinder problems and the sunsetting of carrier plans were hurdles The Brokerage overcame to get agents on the right, positive path to managing their beneficiaries and businesses online. Learn how their partnership with ConnectureDRX helped steer the course to success.

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Integrity’s Seamless Agent Onboarding Fast Tracks Online Enrollments

 Agents want to be a part of Integrity Marketing’s online enrollment tool— (powered by ConnectureDRX). Integrity supports over 100,000 agents with the help of ConnectureDRX through a highly effective  agent onboarding process that fully supports business continuity and telework. 

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Vital Partnerships Help Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan Expand its Medicare Market

CDPHP, a regional health plan, lost group memberships when employers dropped retiree coverage. They needed to improve access to age-in and AEP prospects to reach membership goals, so they aligned with a multi-carrier exchange and ConnectureDRX, their technology/distribution provider. The results speak for themselves.

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