Coming August 2024!

The Trusted Source for Medicare Agents

Independent Agents

ONE place to manage your customers and book of business

Access the most robust carrier network, including stand-alone ancillary, and the most accurate drug pricing in the Medicare industry


Now independent agents have ONE platform
to acquire, engage, enroll and retain Medicare beneficiaries.

Benefits Include:

Robust carrier network

One stop shop
No need to go to multiple platforms; works with ALL of your uplines

All Medicare Plan Types:
MA, PDP, MedSupp, DVH, HIP

Direct access and portability of beneficiary data

Compliant and secure data handling

Personalized URL Shopping link
for easy acquiring, quoting, enrolling and retaining customers

360Learning Training and Support

Key integrations in one place:

AgencyBloc CRM

RetireFlo Senior Survey

Low Cost:
$100 per agent/month, minimum one-year contract
(Note: Access to RetireFlo and AgencyBloc require separate licenses at additional costs)

If you are an AGENCY with MULTIPLE AGENTS,
PlanCompare Edge is available and may be the right fit for you.

PlanCompare Edge (Agencies) includes:

Separate site
ADMIN functionality

    Platform Highlights Include:

    Voice Signature for Scope of Appointment and Enrollment 
    Making your life easier one enrollment at a time. Select voice signature. Read script. Collect voice signature.
    Medicare & Medicaid Eligibility Checks
    Confirm eligibility in REAL-TIME at the start of the shopping process. Confirm MBI, Part A and Part B dates, and Medicaid eligibility before quoting to help ensure a smoother and successful enrollment experience.

    Provider Search
    Search via maps for general practices, specialists and Value-Based Care Providers.

    Multi-Year Plan View & Shopping Link
    Easily toggle between most recent plan year and next plan year on one site.

    Send your personalized shopping link (Personalized URL) to every customer to get them started on shopping. You’ll get credit for any enrollments, and your shopping link will NOT change from one year to the next. (So, no need to update marketing materials).

    Digital, Retail and Mail-Order Pharmacies. Choose multiple pharmacies and easily toggle among them to compare pricing. Search for a digital pharmacy no matter where you are located. (We use NABP-recognized digital pharmacies.)

    Health Cost Personalization – see in-network plan costs based on UTILIZATION of benefits (not found on other platforms).

    Quick Quote – save time as beneficiaries can update their Preferences (health, prescriptions, pharmacies, providers, low-income subsidy and more) when they receive an agent quote (not found on other platforms).

    Total Cost Estimate – A favorite among agents. See cost estimates broken down in detail—by health, drug, drug phase, pharmacy, effective date, month and much more (not found on other platforms)

    Search on Therapeutic Drug Alternatives during Shopping via our extensive Database – go beyond generics and find brand-to-brand alternatives and savings in real time (not found on other platforms which may just link to a PDF with alternatives).

    Plus, See if drug not covered has covered alternatives (by medical condition) when you search for Alternatives for Off-formulary drugs.

    Agent Dashboard – includes Notes & Tasks with relevant beneficiary profile information (not found on other platforms) plus Reports & Training materials, Enrollments, Personalized Quotes, Scope of Appointments.

    Email for a demo and more information.