Proactively Connect Members to Lower-Cost Medications

Improve Medication Adherence and Watch Star Ratings Rise

Go beyond switching from costly brands to generics and change the way prescriptions and healthcare costs are managed today.

DatabaseRX is ConnectureDRX’s extensive repository of evidence-based therapeutic interchange options. Offering lower-cost drug options for high-cost prescriptions with similar efficacy, DatabaseRX helps providers and payers support members who want to be more in control of their health and spending. When members can afford their medications they follow prescribed treatment regimens. Medication adherence helps health plans elevate their Medicare Star Ratings.

DatabaseRX is ONE Platform with Many Integration Capabilities.

  • ZLower-cost options
  • ZPrice transparency
  • ZOpportunities for fewer side effects, less frequent dosing
  • ZDisplays formulary restrictions
  • ZOverall healthcare cost savings
  • ZDrug savings strategies
  • ZIncreases medication adherence
  • ZImproved outcomes

Unique audiences benefit additionally from:



  • EHR integration
  • Point of prescribing visibility
  • Member collaboration

Health Plans

  • Value-based pharmacy design support

  • Reference-based pricing

  • Medication Therapy Management

  • Star rating improvement

  • Hosted and API options



  • Lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Control spend
  • Navigate formulary restrictions
  • Best fit medications
  • Prescriber collaboration
  • Drug comparison self-service
  • Convenience considerations


  • CMS reimbursements
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Drug Conservation Strategies

Proactive Member Outreach Delivers Results

Using claims data, health plans can proactively connect with members via voice, text, email and direct mail regarding their high cost drugs and suggest they speak with their prescriber about lower cost alternatives. Members can discuss switching or decide to stay with their current prescription. Outreach is data driven, supported by a tool that all stakeholders can use to get drug information and empowers members to talk to their doctors about options. It opens up lines of communication so important for making informed decisions.


DatabaseRX stats

  • Medicare data for ALL U.S. retail and mail-order pharmacies
  • 50 million searches annually
  • 42,000 active NDCs with therapeutic options
  • Over 15 years of utilization in Medicare
  • Commercial and Medicare markets

Our Experience and Expertise with Therapeutic Interchange:

Our clinical team:

Carefully evaluates medical literature (clinical studies, drug information, national practice guidelines, and FDA guidance) and incorporates drug data such as NDC, etc. to offer the most robust database of therapeutic interchange options.

Releases updates to DatabaseRX every two weeks to ensure the most current database of medications with a focus on new drug approvals and relevant guidelines.

About DatabaseRX:

DatabaseRX is ConnectureDRX’s proprietary database of therapeutic interchange options for providers, pharmacies, health plans, consumers and others looking to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Product integration capabilities with DatabaseRX include, among others: the ability for providers to see costs and comparable drug interchange options at the time of writing prescriptions, Electronic Health Record integration, Actionable Insights with ConnectureDRX’s analytics tools and cost transparency with ConnectureDRX’s DrugCompare tool.