We Support your Members

We support you and your members. We got your back, no matter what type of organization you represent, including:

  • Financial services
  • Drug transparency company
  • U.S.-based interest group
  • Retiree transition services provider
  • Marketplace solutions provider

…and more

ConnectureDRX connects consumers to your private-label online shopping and enrollment platform. Through ConnectureDRX technology, you’ll have the resources you need to support your members’ Medicare and drug coverage needs.

When you meet your members’ needs and help them feel secure, they can focus on what matters most to them in life. With that bond, their loyalty to your brand and organization strengthens and deepens.

Via PlanCompare ONE, ConnectureDRX’s Medicare Shopping, Quoting and Enrollment Platform:

  • Engage members on new levels
  • Enhance loyalty to your organization
  • Promote retention
  • Create a new distribution channel for your products