We are here to support you and your members. With Connecture’s industry-leading technology that can reach consumers through online shopping and enrollment, you’ll have the resources you need to support your members’ Medicare and drug coverage needs. When you meet your members’ needs and help them feel secure, they can focus on what matters most to them in life, and their loyalty to your association grows even deeper.

Help members enroll in their best-fit Medicare plan with Connecture, and:

  • Engage members on new levels
  • Enhance loyalty to your organization
  • Promote retention 
  • Create a new distribution channel for your products

Whether or not you are a licensed agent, we can help provide products that secure your members’ health and financial security and ultimately drive loyalty.

  • Offer new ways to engage with your membership
  • Promote loyalty and build relationships with your members
  • Create another distribution channel for your affiliation’s products