We are often asked, “What does it mean when you say you have Gold Standard Drug Pricing?”

ConnectureDRX provides the most accurate drug prices in the industry, which in turn, delivers the most reliable out-of-pocket total cost estimates for Medicare plans. This cost transparency ensures beneficiaries find the plan that is right for them based on their own personal profile, or what we like to call their best fit plan.

ConnectureDRX drug pricing is the GOLD STANDARD because:

  1. We source our drug pricing data directly from (more than 100) carriers to ensure accuracy. We do NOT use public use files.
  2. We negotiate pharmacy-specific costs down to the PHARMACY LEVEL for preferred, standard and out-of-network pharmacy costs for all loaded carrier plans. Companies that use public use files will drill down to the state or region and will only be able to provide “rough average” costs as a result.
  3. We have more than 15 years of experience. We have more experience in pricing drugs than anyone else in the industry.
  4. We gather the most data. Depth, breadth and years of experience enable ConnectureDRX to gather more carrier data than any of our competitors.
  5. Our calculations are the most accurate because they take the most factors into consideration. Our data includes pharmacy-specific costs, partial gap tiers (e.g. donut hole) and coverage phase straddle logic, all critical to ensuing accurate cost calculations.
  6. Our pricing is always current. Drug pricing is updated every 2 weeks.
  7. We provide accurate out-of-pocket plan estimates that drive consumers to their best fit Medicare plans. This is due to our ability to provide consistently accurate and reliable drug pricing.

Carriers come to us because we have the most experience in this space.