We want to ensure agents offer an exceptional customer experience this AEP, stay connected to their beneficiaries post-enrollment and retain them as customers life. This article provides highlights of some of the engaging and effective digital tools on ConnectureDRX platforms.

Use preferences to provide a highly personalized shopping experience.

Help beneficiaries find their best fit plan for any Medicare plan type: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Plans, Ancillary and now Value-Based Care!

Agents can USE PREFERENCES to build a consumer profile that will display personalized plan options. For example, agents can update a beneficiary’s health status by entering their commonly used healthcare services. Including health costs based on benefits that are actually used (unlike competitor platforms) provides an accurate picture of in-network plan costs.

A visual search for PROVIDERS via a MAP makes shopping easier. Agents can filter by general practice and specialties. They can see a provider’s spoken languages as well as who is accepting new patients. Search for Value-Based Care providers and facilities too.

Agents and beneficiaries can look for DIGITAL, retail and mail order pharmacies and select MULTIPLE PHARMACIES. With a simple toggle, agents easily compare pricing amongst pharmacies.

Other preferences include entering prescriptions and updating low-income subsidy status.

Include prescriptions and get a real picture of total costs.

It is important to add prescriptions and Build a Medicine Cabinet when shopping for Medicare plans, to ensure beneficiaries are looking at the most reliable out-of-pocket estimates for the year.

Our accurate drug pricing, sourced at regional levels and regularly updated, delivers reliable out-of-pocket estimates. Remember, a zero premium plan doesn’t always come with the lowest overall costs, nor is it always the best fit for a beneficiary.

Agents can simply access MyMedicare.gov via our platforms and automatically upload a beneficiary’s prescriptions error free.

Search through our THERAPEUTIC ALTERNATIVES database to find other brand and generic drugs where agents will see immediate savings while SHOPPING (unlike other platforms). Plus, if a drug is NOT covered by a plan formulary, agents can easily find drug alternatives based on a beneficiary’s medical condition.

So this AEP, make a conscious effort to enter prescriptions and search for savings with drug alternatives. As this is a critical step to finding the best fit plan match, it will go a long way towards preventing plan switching and disenrollment down the road.

We’re making an agent’s life easier with our New! digital tools.

VOICE SIGNATURE for Scope of Appointment and Enrollment is available when working with a beneficiary on the phone.

Agents can confirm a member’s eligibility in real-time at the start of the shopping process with Medicare & Medicaid ELIGIBILITY CHECKS.

And now with our MULTI-YEAR PLAN VIEW agents can toggle between the most recent plan year and next year for easy plan comparison from one year to the next without having to visit another page.

When sending a SHOPPING LINK (i.e. Personalized URL) or QUICK QUOTE, beneficiaries will see the organizations and plans an agent is licensed to sell (supporting CMS compliance). An agent’s Personalized URL will always stay the same, so no need to update marketing materials every year.

Get beneficiaries in their best fit plan from the start when you know upfront if they will be impacted by plan changes.

Agents need the right data at their fingertips to know who could be impacted by a plan change outside of anyone’s control.

Plansmart Analytics is a powerful data reporting tool on some ConnectureDRX platforms.


  1. Identifies at-risk members who may be negatively impacted by Medicare plan changes.
  2. Shows network changes for upcoming plan year.
  3. Determines year-over-year costs, and
  4. Displays plans that could offer savings.

Keep the connection alive with beneficiaries AFTER they enroll in a plan.

It’s important to “Mind the Gap” and stay connected to customers during that in-between “post-enrollment pre-effective period” before benefits begin.

We offer many post-enrollment engagement opportunities on our platforms including, among others: personalized welcome messages, Health Risk Assessments and videos on how to use Medicare Supplement benefits.

Value-Based Care is also available to all. Agents and beneficiaries can search providers by zip code, view educational content, take a virtual facility tour and even schedule initial provider appointments…getting beneficiaries on new pathways to better health.

So “Mind the Gap” once enrollment is done and keep your customers for life.

We know agents have options. Make the right choice and #chooseconnecturedrx this AEP and beyond. Thank you.