MILWAUKEE, WI, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ConnectureDRX, the market leader in Medicare shopping, enrollment and retention technology, announced integration partnerships with four Value-Based Care provider organizations on its PlanCompare ONE and PlanCompare Edge platforms in time for AEP 2024.

ConnectureDRX’s new technology allows Medicare beneficiaries to select their provider based on their healthcare needs.  Through new connections between providers, insurance agents and their members, value-based care provider organizations will be able to drive better patient outcomes, reduce costs by focusing on prevention and empower members to proactively improve their own health.

ConnectureDRX is focused on improving the agent-beneficiary-provider experience with its customers and partners. “By adding value-based care providers to our technology, we are aligning our mutual goals of ensuring that beneficiaries find their best fit plans, providers effectively manage the health of their communities, and agents ensure continuity of care via a direct link to providers,” says Grant Hoffman, EVP of ConnectureDRX.

ConnectureDRX’s value-based care partners include:

  • CenterWell Senior Primary Care – Operating under the CenterWell and Conviva brands with nearly 260 centers in 12 states.
  • ChenMed – Family-owned, physician-led, bringing superior health care to moderate and low-income seniors nationwide.
  • Innovacare – Trusted healthcare practices and physicians serving communities in Texas and Florida with high-quality care and services.
  • OneMedical – Offering consistent, quality care through membership-based primary care practices in 19 major US markets.

“CenterWell is driving value-based care forward with what seniors need – better access, better experiences tailored to seniors, and better care,” says Vivek Garg, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for CenterWell Senior Primary Care. “By listening to our patients and spending more time with them, we are creating a differentiated experience. Working with ConnectureDRX strengthens our efforts to improve patients’ experiences and the affordability of their care.”

“With the Medicare population expected to reach 95 million by 2060, we need to trust in technology to increase awareness of how value-based care will shape the future of healthcare,” says Jason Mefford, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, InnovaCare Health. “ConnectureDRX has given us an edge in helping to improve our patient health outcomes and earn trust with Medicare agents as we invest in innovative ways to protect their book of business.”

ConnectureDRX is the market leader in Medicare shopping, enrollment and retention technology. With the most extensive carrier inventory, the largest distribution network and the most accurate drug pricing in the Medicare industry, ConnectureDRX ensures beneficiaries find their best fit Medicare plans year-after-year.

ConnectureDRX supports all Medicare plan types and multiple ancillary products. Our 140 health insurance carriers have over 5,700 plans on our platforms and boast 95% of the PDP market, 91% of the MA/MAPD market and 80% of the MedSupp market. We also serve more than 150+ FMOs and agencies. For more information, email or visit

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