Achieve Explosive Medicare Growth
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Insurance Agencies. FMOs. Financial Services Companies. 

Ensure Compliance. Protect Your Members. Attract New Business.

It’s more important than ever to engage members and keep them with you while attracting new business. It’s a dual strategy that must work in tandem to achieve explosive Medicare growth, not just during AEP, but all year long.

ONE DIGITAL tool for shopping, quoting and enrolling MA, MAPD, PDP, MedSupp and Ancillary Products for 135+ carriers (check out our carrier map here). PlanCompare ONE for large agencies and FMOs and Medicare Edge for small-to-midsize agencies. One platform. Any device.

ConnectureDRX’s expertise, comprehensive support and decades of Medicare experience positions your agents for success.

New for AEP 2023! Agent Call Recording for Medicare Shopping, SOAs and Enrollment. The May 9, 2022 final CMS rule requires agents to record telephonic conversations beginning October 1. This rule applies to all agents who enroll beneficiaries into new plans, for both current and new customers. Click here for the CMS Federal Register document.

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Plus, RETAIN your beneficiaries and protect your brand. Learn more about Medicare Retention Suite.

Omni-channel Approach Supports your Targeted Audiences

Guiding beneficiaries in finding their best-fit Medicare plans, year-over-year, requires building trust in technology, services, and people. ConnectureDRX’s omni-channel approach offers the following audience-centered options on ONE
PlanCompare ONE platform:


Call Center


Agent Adoption Leads to Online Enrollment Success

“The ConnectureDRX MedicareCenter platform has been a great recruiting tool for Cornerstone. Our agent adoption increased with AEP 2020 due to the changes in the technology. Brokers have one place to house all client information, manage tasks and notes and the ability to capture a SOA is great.


We’ve added carriers to the platform so everything they need is right there on MedicareCenter. Having an effective tool to quote and enroll has been such a timesaver for agents and consumers alike.”


Matt Fry, Service Manager
Cornerstone Senior Marketing (an Integrity FMO)

Cornerstone Senior Marketing AEP Adoption and Enrollment Stats

AEP Stats




November 2019

15-20 209 3,100

October 2018

4 14 69

Technology Backed by Decades of Experience

PlanCompare ONE is backed by more than 15 years of expertise in compliance, innovative technology and comprehensive services support. PlanCompare ONE enables your brokers and agents to guide beneficiaries in finding their best fit Medicare plans. 

  • We source health plan and drug data DIRECTLY from carriers.
  • We consistently deliver reliable out-of-pocket total cost estimates based on our accurate gold standard drug pricing.

Bring Exceptional Value to your Brokers and Agents 

Lead Plan Sponsor Support.

We do all the work!

Obtaining lead plan sponsorship can be daunting. Connecture works closely with agencies to obtain lead plan sponsor support for any PlanCompare ONE consumer-hosted websites.

Book of Business keeps you organized.

Easily manage prospects and quick quotes in one place, increasing your ability to stay organized. Secure online enrollment helps ensure you’ll never lose an enrollment. 

Electronic Scope of Appointment Supports Compliance.

Document beneficiary requests to discuss plan options during appointments. Connecture’s electronic SOA prior to sales discussions supports compliance requirements.

Personalized Shopping Links (PURLs) boost marketing efforts.

Unique and personalized URLs (shopping links) for each recipient are system-generated to connect customers and prospects to your thriving Medicare business.

Learn more about our Telework Technology Tip – Marketing Shopping Links.

Only PlanCompare ONE finds the best fit Medicare plans.

Using PlanCompare ONE, agents and beneficiaries compare plans, enter and save demographic data and drug lists, see all drug costs (relying completely on ConnectureDRX’s estimated drug pricing accuracy), view out-of-pocket costs and finally choose their best fit plan—all based the beneficiaries personal information.

Compare plans. Save drug lists. Choose the best fit plan. It’s that easy.

“I love the ConnectureDRX enrollment platform. I hate paper and I never waste anyone’s time. Everyone can sign up at their own convenience. Every single Medicare enrollment I do is through ConnectureDRX.”

Michael D. Richards, Jr.
Managing Partner, Capital A Investments

Broker Adoption Program Provides Training and Support.

ConnectureDRX provides training and training materials (print, digital, video) to support teams and agents in quickly learning about our PlanCompare ONE technology. Our innovative Broker Adoption Program includes:


Enrollment 101 – Learn about shopping URLs, consultations and quick quotes


Comprehensive User’s Guide – Everything you need to train your agents, explaining product features, functionality and technology benefits.


Broker Quoting and Enrollment – Easy secure access to begin selling right away.


Quick Reference Guide – Helps agents understand how to optimally use PlanCompare.


3 Things You Need to Begin Selling – Enables agents to access the quoting and enrollment tool right away.


Awareness Video – Supports marketing activities and get agents “pumped up” to sell


Training Video – Provides a quick walk-through of how to use the site to increase enrollments. Display anywhere it will have the most impact.