Significantly increase Medicare enrollments though Connecture’s multi-carrier network

Health insurance carriers partner with Connecture to gain access to our Medicare distribution network of thousands of brokers and FMOs nationwide, from a single integration.

Easily increase distribution and Medicare enrollments through our simple process:

• Connecture loads carrier plan and formulary data.

• We customize and configure enrollment forms one time to include carrier branding, unique layout and up to 15 custom questions. In addition, enrollment forms can be populated with provider information from an external site.

• Our multi-carrier partners choose carriers and products they want to sell.

Choose BrokerLink.


Of more than 715,000 Medicare enrollments in the past year, 120,437 (17%) came directly from BrokerLink

Connecture’s National BrokerLink Network

More Quotes lead to more Enrollments

Gain access to 40,000 agents in 50 states and 25 national and regional multi-carrier agencies and aggregators.

Watch the number of enrollments multiply…

During AEP and throughout the year!

Navigating a complex system like Medicare requires both easy-to-use technology and effective distribution
between health plan carriers and selling partners to enable consumers to shop and
enroll in their ‘best fit’ plan. BrokerLink provides the distribution network to get the job done.”